meditation, yoga, organic food, in Japan

Meditation, Yoga, Organic Food, in Japan.

If you visit or live in Japan, you will find on our website a list of meditation centers, a list of yoga centers, and a list of organic food shops and restaurants.

Our site is also available in Japanese and in French.


What is Meditation?

Meditation allows us to understand, to love, to live in the present, and to develop the full potential of our life. Meditation is not a spiritual discipline away from everyday life, but an ability to be alert, aware of what is happening inside us and around us. Read more about meditation.

See our list of places where you can meditate in Japan.

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yoga class

What is Yoga?

All methods of yoga use more or less the same body postures & breathing techniques from the traditional Hatha yoga. Postures (asanas) as well as breathing exercises (pranayama) are generally practiced during yoga classes. The execution of yoga postures can give us many benefits. Read more about Yoga.

See our list of places where you can practice Yoga in Japan.

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organic food

Organic Food and Organic Restaurants

Our physical and mental well-being is inseparable from a healthy and balanced diet. Our body is such a delicate and refined mechanism that it is essential to put consciousness into what we eat. Eat fresh foods from organic farming as much as possible... Read more about organic food.

See our list of organic shops and restaurants in Japan.

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