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What is Meditation?

Meditation has nothing to do with the life of a monk who cuts himself off from the world as it is too often perceived. Nor is it a belief or a religion. You do not need to change your life to do meditation. Meditation is just being totally in the present moment.

There are many meditation techniques: for example, Vipassana meditation, Zazen, Buddhist meditations, Osho's active meditations, and so on. But ultimately, meditation is not a technique, it is an understanding, an awareness of who we really are.

It is only in ourselves that we can find relaxation and inner calm.

Choosing your meditation

Start with the meditation that attracts you the most. Then do it without interruption for 21 days, and if you feel good with it, continue for at least 3 months.

And in the beginning, you will have to insist. One day, you will notice with surprise that "it works". But if disturbing emotions, aggressive impulses come to the surface, stop immediately and try another technique. If, on the contrary, you feel a certain well-being, a certain affinity, then do not worry about the other techniques, go on doing only the one that touched you.

Whatever technique you prefer, it should respect three essential points:
- Relaxation: do not fight the ego, do not try to master the mind, do not focus.
- Observation: observe everything that happens, do not interfere.
- Detachment: stay detached, become aware of the movements of the mind without judging, without approving.

Do not forget :
- to use meditation techniques in a playful way.
- to be patient and not to wait for particular and immediate results.
- to practice them regularly

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